• Commentary by Director David Fincher
  • Commentary by Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Downey Jr., Brad Fischer, James Vanderbilt and James Ellroy
  • Zodiac Deciphered: An Exhaustive Behind-the-Scenes Documentary on the Making of Zodiac
  • The Visual Effects of Zodiac
  • Previsualization: Split-Screen Comparisons Between Animatics and Finished Film for the Three Murder Sequences
  • This Is The Zodiac Speaking: An All-New, Feature-Length Documentary (Produced and Directed by David Prior) Covering Every Aspect of the Investigation, Including New Interviews with the Original Investigators and Surviving Victims
  • His Name Was Arthur Leigh Allen: The Truth About the Prime Suspect in the Zodiac Case from People Who Knew Him and the Police Who Investigated Him.

Based on the true story of the notorious serial killer and the intense manhunt he inspired, Zodiac is a superbly crafted and critically acclaimed thriller from director David Fincher, featuring an ensemble cast led by Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Downey Jr., and Mark Ruffalo.

 • Robert Downey Jr.
 • Mark Ruffalo
 • Jake Gyllenhaal
 • Anthony Edwards
 • Elias Koteas
 • Chloe Sevigny
 • Brian Cox
 • John Carroll Lynch

 • James Vanderbilt

 • Cean Chaffin
 • Mike Medavoy
 • James Vanderbilt
 • Arnold W. Messer
 • Bradley J. Fischer

 • David Fincher