• Troy Revisited: An Introduction by Wolfgang Petersen
  • Troy in Focus: The Talent and Resources an Epic Movie Requires
  • In the Thick of Battle: The Film’s Thrilling Action Sequences
  • From Ruins to Reality: The History Behind the Production Design
  • Troy: An Effects Odyssey: The Secrets Behind the Miraculous Special Effects
  • Attacking Troy: Gearing Up for an On-Screen Siege
  • Greek Ship Towing
  • Theatrical Trailer

Unseen in theatres. Unrivaled in spectacle. Bigger. Braver. Bolder. Director Wolfgang Petersen enlarges his exciting epic with over 30 minutes of previously unseen footage drawing you deeper into the heat of battle and the heated lives of his complex characters. With a stellar cast (Brad Pitt [Achilles], Eric Bana [Hector], Orlando Bloom [Paris], Diane Kruger [Helen] and Peter O’Toole [Priam], Troy: Director’s Cut completes the intense saga of one of history’s greatest confrontations, recreated through the passion of one of today’s best filmmakers.

  Brad Pitt
  Orlando Bloom
  Eric Bana
  Peter O’Toole
  Diane Kruger
  Sean Bean
  Brendan Gleeson
  Brian Cousins

  David Benedek

  Wolfgang Petersen
  Diana Rathbun
  Colin Wilson

  Wolfgang Petersen