Disc One: The Movie:

  • Audio Commentary Track with Director David Fincher and Actors Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman
  • Audio Commentary Track on Story with Professor Richard Dyer, Writer Andrew Kevin Walker, Editor Richard Francis-Bruce, New Line President of Production Michael De Luca and Director David Fincher
  • Audio Commentary Track on Picture with Professor Richard Dyer, Director David Fincher, Editor Richard Francis-Bruce, Director of Photography Darius Khondji and Production Designer Arthur Max
  • Isolated 5.1 Music and Sound Effects Cues Track, featuring Audio Commentary by Professor Richard Dyer, Director David Fincher, Composer Howard Shore and Sound Designer Ren Klyce
  • DVD-ROM Content Includes A Printable Original Screenplay with Links to the Feature Film

          Disc Two: Supplemental Material:

  • Deleted Scenes and Extended Takes
  • Alternate Endings with Animated Storyboard Exploration
  • Exploration of the Opening Title Sequence from Multiple Video Angles with Various Audio Mixes and Two Commentary Tracks
  • Multiple Animated Galleries Featuring Production Designs and Stills, Crime Scene Photos Used in the Film, “John Doe’s” Notebooks, Photos and More
  • Original Theatrical Trailer and Electronic Press Kit
  • DVD-ROM Exclusive: A Comprehensive “John Doe” Web Site Penetrating the Killer’s Mind with Links to His Photo Gallery, Several of His “Fan Sites”, Reading List and Exploration of the Seven Deadly Sins

From director David Fincher (Fight Club) comes the psychological thriller about two detectives on the trail of “John Doe,” a serial killer who chooses his victims according to the seven deadly sins.

  Morgan Freeman
  Brad Pitt
  Gwyneth Paltrow
  John C. McGinley

  Andrew Kevin Walker

  Arnold Kopelson
  Phyllis Carlyle

  David Fincher