• Audio Commentary with Eddie Izzard and Creator Dmitry Lipkin on Selected Episodes
  • Fox Movie Channel Presents Casting Session and World Premiere
  • Gag Reel
  • 7 Webisodes

Since Wayne Malloy (Eddie Izzard) can’t buy the American Dream, he’s going to steal it! The Malloys are Travelers, con artists living one step ahead of the law, and now, together with his wife (Minnie Driver) and children, Wayne is pulling his biggest scam ever. They assume the identity of a family living a privileged life in an exclusive suburban development. But, with nosy neighbors, vengeful fellow Travelers and the authorities hot on their trail, can they possibly pull it off? The Riches is an engaging and offbeat drama infused with wickedly dark humor so original and captivating that to miss it would be a crime!

  Minnie Driver
  Eddie Izzard
  Noel Fisher
  Shannon Marie Woodward
  Gregg Henry
  Aidan Mitchell
  Todd Stashwick

  Dmitry Lipkin