• Deleted Scenes
  • An All-New Animated Short: Remy & Emile In Your Friend The Rat
  • Fine Food & Film: See Two Worlds Come Together In This Behind-The-Scenes Feature With Director Brad Bird And
  • Critically Acclaimed Chef Thomas Keller
  • Lifted: Hilarious Animated Theatrical Short Film

From the creators of Cars and The Incredibles comes a breakthrough comedy with something for everyone. With delightful new character, expirence Paris from an all-new perspective. It’s “terrific moviemaking!” raves Leonard Maltin of Entertainment Tonight.

In one of Paris’ finest restaurants, Remy, a determined young rat, dreams of becoming a renowned French chef. Torn between his family’s wishes and his true calling, Remy and his pal Linguini set in motion a hilarious chain of events that turns the City of Lights upside down.

Ratatouille is a treat you’ll want to enjoy again and again.

  Ian Holm
  Peter O’Toole
  Janeane Garofalo
  Patton Oswalt
  Lou Romano

  Brad Bird

  Brad Lewis

  Brad Bird