• The Making of The Queen
  • Audio Commentary with Director Stephen Frears and Writer Peter Morgan
  • Audio Commentary with British Historian and Royal Expert Robert Lacey, Author of Majesty

Winner of the Academy Award® for Best Actress, Dame Helen Mirren gives a spellbinding performance in The Queen, the provocative story behind one of the most public tragedies of our time – the sudden death of Princess Diana. In the wake of Diana’s death, the very private and tradition-bound Queen Elizabeth II (Mirren) finds herself in conflict with the new Prime Minister, the slickly modern and image-conscious Tony Blair. The Queen, also starring Academy Award® nominee James Cromwell (Best Supporting Actor, Babe, 1995), takes you inside the private chambers of the Royal Family and the British government for a captivating look at a vulnerable human being in her darkest hour, as a nation grieving for its People’s Princess waits to see what its leaders will do. Suspenseful, heartfelt and riveting, it’s a fascinating story you won’t soon forget.

  Helen Mirren
  James Cromwell
  Sylvia Syms
  Helen McCrory
  Michael Sheen
  Roger Allam
  Alex Jennings

  Peter Morgan

  Tracey Seaward
  Christine Langan
  Andy Harries

  Stephen Frears