Disc 1: Movie

  • Theatrical Trailer

Disc 2: Special Features

  • James Lipton Takes on Three: Roundtable with Clint Eastwood, Hilary Swank, Morgan Freeman and Moderator James Lipton
  • Born To Fight: Examines the parallels of the movie to real-life boxer Lucia Rijker
  • Producers Round 15: Behind the Scenes

“I DON’T TRAIN GIRLS”, trainer Frankie Dunn growls. But something’s different about the spirited boxing hopeful who shows up daily at Dunn’s gym. All she wants is a fighting chance.

Clint Eastwood plays Dunn and directs, produces and composes music for this acclaimed, multi-award-winning tale of heart, hope and family. Hilary Swank plays resilient Maggie, determined not to abandon her one dream. And Morgan Freeman is Scrap, gym caretaker and counterpoint to Dunn’s crustiness. Grab your dreams and come out swinging. Million Dollar Baby is an absolute knockout.

  Clint Eastwood
  Hilary Swank
  Morgan Freeman

  Paul Haggis

  Clint Eastwood
  Paul Haggis
  Tom Rosenberg
  Albert S. Ruddy

  Clint Eastwood