• 10 Year Retrospective
  • Jean Reno: The Road to Leon
  • Natalie Portman: Starting Young
  • Fact Track
  • Bonus Previews

Leon The Professional: The Deluxe Edition is an explosive two-disc set that comes fully loaded with an arsenal of exclusive, never-before-seen bonus features. Jean Reno (Crimson Rivers) stars with Gary Oldman (Batman Beyond) and Natalie Portman (Star Wars: Episodes I-III). When a psychotic Federal Agent (Oldman) wipes out her entire family, twelve-year-old Mathilda (Portman) is taken in be her neighbor, Leon (Reno), a quiet man whose only interests are his houseplants, movie musicals and killing people. Leon’s a professional assassin, a gentle soul who happens to be the best hit man in the business. When the revenge-obsessed waif insists on becoming his protégée, Leon reluctantly agrees and begins teaching her the tricks of his trade. But when Mathilda’s rash attempt to murder the Fed ends in her capture, it’s up to Leon to try to rescue the girl before it’s too late.

  Gary Oldman
  Natalie Portman
  Jean Reno
  Danny Aiello
  Michael Badalucco
  Peter Appel

  Luc Besson

  Patrice Ledoux

  Luc Besson