• First Look at He Was A Quiet Man
  • Deleted and Alternate Scenes
  • Audio Commentary with Writer/Director Frank A. Cappello
  • Theatrical Trailer

Christian Slater delivers what critics are calling the performance of his career as Bob Maconel, a bullied office drone with hate in his heart, voices in his head, and a loaded gun in his desk drawer. When a bizarre twist turns into an instant hero, Bob begins a tender relationship with a disbale co worker(an equally powerful performance by Elisha Cuthbert) who asks Bob for the ultimate favor. Can two damaged souls ever learn to lvie again or is the brink of madness still just a shot away? Oscar nominee William H. Macy co stars in this acclaimed cross between Office Space and Taxi Driver that Screen International hails as an excellent, unpredictable, often extremely witty film. Christian Slater is superb!

  William H. Macy
  Elisha Cuthbert
  Sascha Knopf
  Christian Slater
  John Gulager
  Jamison Jones

  Frank Cappello

  Michael Leahy
  Frank Cappello

  Frank Cappello