Disc 1:
– The Kung Fu Dream Team
– Dangerous Beauty
– Discovering China
– Filming in Chinawood
– Monkey King and the Eight Immortals
– Blooper Reel
– Deleted Scenes With Commentary by Rob Minkoff and John Fusco
– Feature Commentary with Rob Minkoff and John Fusco
– Previsualization Featurette with Commentary by Rob Minkoff

Disc 2:
– Digital Copy of The Forbidden Kingdom Feature Film

A Martial Arts Explosion!

Individually, they’re starred in the most adrenaline-pumping martial-arts adventures ever. Together for the first time, Jet Li and Jackie Chan join forces to create the greatest epic of them all – The Forgotten Kingdom. As ancient Chinese warriors, they must train and mentor a 21st century kung-fu fanatic who’s been summoned to fight a centuries-old battle and free the imprisoned Monkey King. If you’re a fighting fan, the wait is over. The team is ready. The Kingdom has arrived.

  Jet Li
  Li Bingbing
  Liu Yifei
  Jackie Chan
  Michael Angarano
  Collin Chou

  John Fusco

  Casey Silver

  Rob Minkoff