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Director Quentin Tarantino delivers an adrenaline shot to the heart with Death Proof, a “tribute to balls-out pedal-to-the-metal car chases” (Pete Hammond, Maxim). Featuring exhilarating high-speed action, jaw-dropping stunts, and some of the most quotable lines since Pulp Fiction, Death Proof “goes faster, and funnier, than you thought possible… and then it goes further” (Ty Burr, Boston Globe). Kurt Russell stars as a sociopathic stuntman whose taste for stalking sexy young ladies gets him into big trouble when he tangles with the wrong gang of badass babes. Their confrontation escalates into a hair-raising, 18-minute automotive duel with one of the girls strapped to the hood of a thundering Dodge Challenger that “earns a place of honor among the great movie car chases” (Scott Foundas, LA Weekly).

  Rose McGowan
  Tracie Thoms
  Rosario Dawson
  Mary Elizabeth Winstead
  Jordan Ladd
  Vanessa Ferlito
  Sydney Tamiia Poitier
  Zoe Bell
  Kurt Russell

  Quentin Tarantino

  Robert Rodriguez
  Quentin Tarantino
  Elizabeth Avellan
  Erica Steinberg

  Quentin Tarantino