Behind-the-Scenes Featurettes

  • CSI: Miami Uncovered
  • Creating CSI: Miami
  • Procedures of Handling Evidence
  • The Autopsy Theater Tour
  • The Gun Lab Tour 

    Audio Commentaries:

  • Pilot Episode “Cross-Jurisdictions”
  • Episode 101 “Golden Parachute”
  • Episode 118 “Dispo Day”
  • Episode 123 “Freaks and Tweaks
  • Step out of theisunlight andia darker world emerges.

    Like their CSI counterparts in Las Vegas, the CSI: Miami team, headed by lead criminologist Horatio Caine (David Caruso), tackles the fascinating, compelling approach to crime known as forensic science. Behind the sun, surf and palm trees lurks a captivating, 25-episode premiere season of spellbinding mysteries and baffling clues – all captured on DVD in this seven-disc collection of CSI: Miami – The Complete First Season.

  • Actors:
      Khandi Alexander
      Emily Procter
      David Caruso
      Adam Rodriguez
      Rory Cochran