• Audio Commentary by Director Tom Brady
  • Deleted Scenes
  • A Laugh Of Their Own Featurette
  • Heartland Hotties vs. Lone Star Naughties Featurette
  • The Karaoke Kid Featurette
  • Coach Koechner Featurette
  • Million Dollar Booty Featurette
  • The Might Dicks Featurette
  • Razor Blades Of Glory Featurette
  • Myspace Contest Winner

The producers of Wedding Crashers score huge laughs with the Unrated Edition of The Comebacks, including more ballsy added footage you couldn’t see in theaters, plus an all-star lineup of outrageous special features!

You’ll laugh till you punt watching this hilarious spoof comedy that tackles the most memorable scenes from your favorite sports movies. It’s the story of Lambeau Fields (David Koechner), an out-of-luck coach trying to lead a ragtag team of fumbling footballers to victory before his long-suffering wife (Melora Hardin) leaves him and his sexy gymnast daughter (Brooke Nevin) gets bent out of shape!

  Carl Weathers
  Melora Hardin
  Brooke Nevin
  David Koechner
  Matthew Lawrence

  Joey Gutierrez
  Ed Yeager

  Robert L. Levy
  Rice, Peter
  Peter Abrams
  Andrew Panay

  Tom Brady