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Gladiator (2000)

  DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Insightful Film Commentary from Award-Winning Director Ridley Scott Deleted Scenes, Complete with Director’s Commentary Treasure Chest: A Unique Montage of Additional Footage Cut to the Powerful Score One-of-a-Kind Production Diary Written by Young Actor Spencer Treat Clark (“Lucius”) Special Slide Show Featuring Concept Art and Storyboards Photo Gallery from Behind-the-Scenes of […]

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Legend: Ultimate Edition Director’s Cut (1986)

  DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Disc 1: Director’s Cut Never-Before-Seen Director’s Cut, With Jerry Goldsmith’s Score Audio Commentary with Ridley Scott   Disc 2: U.S. Theatrical Version “Creating A Myth: The Making Of Legend Isolated Score by Tangerine Dream Lost Scenes: “Alternate Opening: Four Goblins” And a Re-Creation of “The Faerie Dance” Using Rare Photos, Storyboards […]

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Requiem For A Dream: Unrated Director’s Cut (2000)

  DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Commentary by Director Darren Aronofsky Commentary by Director of Photography Matthew Libatique “The Making Of Requiem For A Dream” Documentary Deleted Scenes with Optional Director Commentary Memories, Dreams and Addictions: Ellen Burstyn Interviews Hubert Selby Jr. The Anatomy Of A Scene Theatrical Trailers and TV Spots Cast and Crew Information Production […]

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Big Lebowski DVD, The: Collector’s Edition (1998)

DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: An exclusive introduction featuring Mortimer Young, a practitioner of “non-uptight” film preservation. His restoration of the famous “toe scene,” presented here, will blow your mind. Never-Before Available Images, photographed by Jeff Bridges, from the set of the film. Making-Of The Big Lebowski, including interviews with the Coen Brothers Production Notes

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In The Line Of Fire: Special Edition (1993)

DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Director’s Commentary with Wolfgang Peterson Deleted Scenes The Ultimate Sacrifice: In The Line Of Fire Behind The Scenes With The Secret Service “How’d They Do That?” Featurette Catching The Counterfeiters Theatrical Trailers T.V. Spots Talent Files Interactive Menus Production Notes Scene Selections

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L.A. Confidential: Special Edition (1997)

  DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: “Off the Record,” a 19-minute behind the scenes featurette (with plenty of interviews with cast and crew) “Photo Pitch,” an eight minute featurette that recreates director Curtis Hanson’s original pitch for L.A. Confidential “The L.A. of L.A. Confidential,” an interactive tour of many of the locations used in the movie Screen […]

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