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Into The Wild: 2-Disc Collector’s Edition (2007)

  DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: The Story, The Characters – How Sean Penn became involved with the story, casting, working with the actors and the film’s visual style The Experience – An overview of the production and its difficulties (many locations, Hirsch’s weight loss, etc.)

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Apollo 13: Collector’s Edition (1995)

  DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Audio Commentary:   Ron Howard   Jim & Marilyn Lowell Orignal Documentary: Triumph of Apollo 13 Production Notes Cast & Filmakers’ Bios Film Highlights Theatrical Trailer

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Sixth Sense, The: Special Collector’s Edition (1999)

  DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Storyboard To Film Comparison The Cast Music And Sound Design Reaching The Audience Rules And Clues Deleted Scenes A Conversation With M. Night Shyamalan Publicity Filmmakers’ And Cast Bios

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Mummy: Collector’s Edition (1999)

  DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Interactive Menus Original Documentary Building A Better Mummy Feature-Length Audio Commentary:   ·Director: Stephen Summers   ·Editor: Bob Ducsay Visual & Special Effects Formation Optional Music-Only Audio Track Theatrical Trailers Egyptology 101 Deleted Scenes Universal Showcase DVD-ROM Features:   ·Interactive Mummy Game   ·2 Screen Savers   ·Electronic Postcards

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American Pie: Unrated Collector’s Edition (1999)

  DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Spotlight on Location Feature Commentary with Director Paul Weitz, Producer Chris Weitz, Writer Adam Herz, Cast Members Eddie Kaye Thomas, Jason Biggs and Seann William Scott Outtakes Universal Records Soundtrack Presentation Music Highlights Classic Quotes Production Notes Cast and Filmmakers Theatrical Trailer Universal Showcase Special DVD-ROM Features Including: Behind the Scenes

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U-571: Collector’s Edition (2000)

  DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Spotlight On Location: The Making of U-571 Feature Commentary with Director Jonathan Mostow Creating and Constructing U-571 Inside The Enigma Britain Captures the U-110 A Submariner’s WWII Experience U.S. Naval Archives: Capturing the U-505 Theatrical Trailer DVD-ROM Features And More!

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Event Horizon: Special Collector’s Edition (1997)

DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Commentary by director Paul W.S. Anderson and producer Jeremy Bolt The Making of Event Horizon – 5 Documentaries: Into the Jaws of Darkness; The Body of the Beast; Liberate Tutume Ex Infernis; The Scale to Hell; The Womb of Fear The Unseen Event Horizon: The unfilmed rescue scene Conceptual Art: Montage of […]

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Rocky: Collector’s Edition (1976)

  DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Audio Commentary By Sylvester Stallone Audio Commentary By Boxing Legends Trainer Lou Duva & Commentator Bert Sugar 3 Rounds With Legendary Trainer Lou Duva Interview With A Legend: Bert Sugar The Opponents In The Ring: Making-Of Documentary Steadicam: Then & Now Make Up! The Art & Form With Michael Westmore Stacatto: […]

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Raging Bull: Collector’s Edition (1980)

DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Disc 1 – feature film 3 audio commentaries featuring director Martin Scorsese, editor Thelma Schoomaker, producer Irwin Winkler, Jake La Motta and more   Disc 2 – supplemental materials 4 behind the scenes featurettes “The Bronx Bull” making-of documentary De Niro vs. La Motto Shot-by-Shot comparison “La Motto defends title” newsreel footage.

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Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid: Collector’s Edition (1969)

  DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Commentary By Director George Roy Hill, Lyricist Hal David, Documentary Director Robert Crawford Jr. And Cinematographer Conrad Hall Commentary By Screenwriter William Goldman All Of What Follows Is True: The Making Of Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid Featurette The Wild Bunch: The True Tale Of Butch & Sundance Featurette History […]

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