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CSI: Miami – The Complete First Season (2002)

    DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Behind-the-Scenes Featurettes CSI: Miami Uncovered Creating CSI: Miami Procedures of Handling Evidence The Autopsy Theater Tour The Gun Lab Tour  Audio Commentaries: Pilot Episode “Cross-Jurisdictions” Episode 101 “Golden Parachute” Episode 118 “Dispo Day” Episode 123 “Freaks and Tweaks

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Great Raid, The (2005)

DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Deleted Scenes With Optional Director Commentary Captain Dale Dye’s Boot Camp The Price Of Freedom: Making The Great Raid The Veterans Remember War In The Pacific Interactive Timeline Feature Commentary With Director John Dahl, Producer Marty Katz, Technical Advisor Captain Dale Dye, Editor Scott Chestnut And Author Hampton Sides Mixing The Great Raid The […]

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Greatest Game Ever Played, The (2005)

DVD SPECIAL FEATURES:   A View From The Gallery: On The Set of The Greatest Game Ever Played Two Legends And The Greatest Game Feature Film Audio Commentary by director Bill Paxton Feature Film Audio Commentary by writer Mark Frost From Caddy To Champion: Francis Ouimet  

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Ghost Rider: Extended Cut (2007)

DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Never-Before-Seen Footage Commentary with Producer Gary Foster Commentary with Writer/Director Mark Steven Johnson and Visual Effects Supervisor Kevin Mack 3 Making of Documentaries: Spirit of Vengeance, Spirit of Adventure, Spirit of Execution Sin & Salvation: Featurettes Chronicling 40 Years ofGhost Rider Comic Book History Animatics

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Bridge To Terabithia (2007)

DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Digital Imagination: Bringing Terabithia to Life Behind the Book: The Themes of Bridge To Terabithia Music Video “Keep Your Mind Wide Open” Performed by Anna Sophia Robb Audio Commentary with Director Gabor Csupo, Writer Jeff Stockwell and Producer Hal Lieberman Audio Commentary with Actors Josh Hutcherson and AnnaSophia Robb and Producer Lauren Levine

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Condemned, The (2007)

DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Five-Part Featurette – The Making of The Condemned Audio Commentary with Stone Cold Steve Austin and Director Scott Wiper Audio Commentary with Director Scott Wiper Stone Cold at Movie World – Exclusive Footage Capital Carnage Reunion – A Look Back at the First Meeting of Stone Cold Steve Austin and Vinnie Jones in 1998 […]

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Number 23, The: Unrated (2007)

DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: The Number 23 Enigma Documentary How To Find Your Life Path Numbers Featurette Fact Track Trivia 16 Deleted Scenes Including an Alternate Ending Director Commentary Making of The Number 23 Featurette Creating the World of Fingerling Featurette

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Shutter: Unrated (2008)

DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Audio Commentary by Production Executive Alex Sundell, Screenwriter Luke Dawson and Actress Rachael Taylor A Ghost in the Lens Featurette A Cultural Divide: Shooting in Japan Featurette The Director: Masayuki Ochiai Featurette A Conversation with Luke Dawson Featurette A History of Spirit Photography Featurette Create Your Own Phantom Photo Featurette The Hunt for the Haunt: Tools and Tips […]

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Bank Job, The: Special Edition (2008)

DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Disc 1: Audio Commentary with Director Roger Donaldson, Actress Saffron Burrows and Composer J. Peter Robinson “Inside The Bank Job” Featurette “The Baker Street Bank Raid” Featurette Deleted and Extended Scenes with Optional Audio Commentary Theatrical Trailer Disc 2: Digital Copy of The Bank Job Feature Film

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Recount (2008)

DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Audio Commentary with Director Jay Roach and Writer Danny Strong A Conversation Between Kevin Spacey and the Real Ron Klain A Conversation Between Bob Balaban and the Real Ben Ginsberg The True Inside Story of The 2000 Presidential Election

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