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Groundhog Day: 15th Anniversary Edition (1993)

  DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Audio Commentary with Director Harold Ramis A Different Day:An Interview With Harold Ramis The Weight Of Time Documentary The Study Of Groundhogs: A Real Life Look At Marmots Deleted Scenes

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El Cid: 2-Disc Limited Collector’s Edition (1961)

DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Feature Commentary with Bill Bronston (Son of Producer Samuel Bronston) and Neal M. Rosendorf (Historian & Biographer of Samuel Bronston) Vintage Radio Interviews with Charlton Heston and Sophia Loren Still Galleries Filmographies Hollywood Conquers Spain: The Making of El Cid Samuel Bronston: The Epic Journey of a Dreamer Behind the Camera: Anthony […]

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Drumline: Special Edition (2002)

  DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Audio Commentary by Director Charles Stone III Half Time Heroes Featurette Anatomy Of A Drumline Featurette The Real Battle Of The Bands Featurette 4 Deleted Scenes with optional Directors Commentary

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Damages: The Complete First Season (2007)

  DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Cast & Crew Commentaries Willful Acts: The Making Of Damages Trust No One: Insight From The Creators Understanding Class Action: Interactive Guide Deleted Scenes

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Comebacks, The: Unrated (2007)

  DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Audio Commentary by Director Tom Brady Deleted Scenes A Laugh Of Their Own Featurette Heartland Hotties vs. Lone Star Naughties Featurette The Karaoke Kid Featurette Coach Koechner Featurette Million Dollar Booty Featurette The Might Dicks Featurette Razor Blades Of Glory Featurette Myspace Contest Winner

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Bordertown (2006)

  DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Exposing the Juarez Murders: The Making of Bordertown Dual Injustice – a witness.org Documentary Short La Frontera – A Documentary Short Make A Difference! Get involved! Information on what you can do to help from Amnesty International & witness.org Bordertown Trailer Trailer Gallery

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This Sporting Life: The Criterion Collection (1963)

DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Audio commentary featuring Paul Ryan and David Storey Theatrical trailer Lindsay Anderson: Lucky Man? (2004, 30min.) documentary New video interview with Lois Sutcliffe Smith, Anderson’s close friend Meet The Pioneers (1948, 33 min), Anderson’s 1st doc short Wakefield Express (1952, 30 min.) Anderson’s short-film Is That All There Is? (1992, 50 min.), […]

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Sydney White (2007)

DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Deleted Scenes Gag Reel Sydney White and Her Prince And Much More

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Hunting Party, The (2007)

  DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Feature Commentary by Writer/Director Richard Shepard Deleted Scenes With Optional Director Commentary The Real Hunting Party: Writer/Director Richard Shepard Interviews The Journalists Featured In The Original Esquire Article Making The Hunting Party What I Did On My Summer Vacation, The Original Esquire Article By Scott Anderson Theatrical Trailer

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Game Plan, The (2007)

  DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Chalk Talk – the Rock and the director give a unique commentary Bloopers with Marv Albert Deleted Scenes ESPN Sportscenter DVD/Blu-ray Exclusive: The King in Search Of A Ring – Stuart Scott of ESPN host a look at Joe Kingman’s fictitious biography ESPN Sportscenter DVD/Blu-ray Exclusive: The Rock learns to play […]

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