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I Could Never Be Your Woman (2007)

  DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Deleted Scenes Commentary By Writer/Director Amy Heckerling and Producer Cerise Hallam Larkin Trailer

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Becoming Jane (2007)

  DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Discovering The Real Jane Austen Deleted Scenes Becoming Jane Pop-Up Facts & Footnotes Audio Commentary with Director Julian Jarrold, Writer Kevin Hood and Producer Robert Bernstein

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Amateurs, The (2005)

DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Commentary with Jeff Bridges, Director Michael Traeger, Producer Aaron Ryder Behind The Scenes with The Amateurs The Amateurs Photography Book: Photos by Jeff Bridges with commentary by Jeff Bridges, Director Michael Traeger, Producer Aaron Ryder Theatrical Trailer

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Blood Diamond: 2-Disc Special Edition (2006)

DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Commentary by Director Edward Zwick Blood On The Stone: Follow a Diamond’s Path from the Ground to the Store Becoming Archer: Profiling Leonardo DiCaprio Journalism on the Front Line: Jennifer Connelly on Women Journalists at War Inside the Siege of Freetown: Edward Zwick on One of the Movie’s Pivotal Sequences Nas “Shine […]

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Seraphim Falls (2006)

DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Behind the Scenes of Seraphim Falls Commentary with Pierce Brosnan, Writer/Director David Von Ancken, and Production Designer Michael Hanan

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Freedom Writers (2007)

  DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Commentary by Director Richard LaGravenese and Hilary Swank Deleted Scenes Making ‘A Dream’ Freedom Writers Family Freedom Writers: The Story Behind the Story Photo Gallery Theatrical Trailer

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Venus (2006)

DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Feature Commentary with Director Roger Michell and Producer Kevin Loader Deleted Scenes Venus: A Real Work of Art

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Queen, The (2006)

  DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: The Making of The Queen Audio Commentary with Director Stephen Frears and Writer Peter Morgan Audio Commentary with British Historian and Royal Expert Robert Lacey, Author of Majesty

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Silence of the Lambs, The: The Criterion Collection (1991)

  DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Interactive Menus Commentary with Jonathan Demme, stars Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins, screenwriter Ted Tally and FBI Agent John Douglas Seven Deleted Scenes Film-to-Storyboard Comparison Storyboards FBI Crime Classification Manual Voices of Death: word-for-word statements of convicted serial killers

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GoodFellas: 2 Disc Special Edition (1990)

DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Commentaries with Director Martin Scorsese, Ray Liotta, Lorraine Bracco, Paul Sorvino, Frank Vincent, Co-screenwriter Nicholas Pileggi, Producers Irwin Winkler and Barbara De Fina, Cinematographer Michael Ballhaus, Editor Thelma Schoomaker, FBI agent Edward McDonald and real life goodfella Henry Hill. 3 All-New Documentaries: Getting Made: How a movie classic hit the streets. Made […]

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