• Audio Commentary With Josh Hartnett, Melissa George And Producer Rob Tapert
  • 8 Behind The Scene Featurettes:
    Pre Production – Director David Slade, Producer Rob Tapert, Writer Brian Nelson, and Steve Niles discussing formulating the original graphic novel.
    Building Barrow – Production Designer Paul Austerberry on envisioning and building the sound stage in New Zealand.
    The Look – David Slade and Director of Photography Jo Willems on camera and lighting techniques, and post-production effects.
    Blood, Guts & The Nasty #@$&! –  WETA and David Slade talk special effects.
    Stunts – Stunt coordinator Allan Poppleton on stunt sequences, including vampires flying off moving cars, crashing through windows, and getting down with a bulldozer.
    The Vampire – Tour with WETA and David Slade on designing and enacting the vampires
    Night Shoots
    Casting –
    David Slade discusses casting decisions, and the actors talk about their characters.

Josh Harnett (The Black Dahlia, Pearl Harbor) crosses over to the dark side in this bone-chilling adaptation of the cult-hit graphic novel, brought to the screen in all its demonic glory.

In a small Alaskan town, thirty days of night is a natural phenomenon. Very few outsiders visit, until a band of bloodthirsty, deathly pale vampires mark their arrival by savagely attacking sled dogs. But soon they find there are much more satisfying thirst-quenchers about: human beings. One by one, the townspeople succumb to a living nightmare, but a small group survives – at least for now. The vampires use the dark to their advantage, and surviving this cold hell is a game of cat and mouse – and screams

  Melissa George
  Josh Hartnett
  Ben Foster
  Danny Huston
  Mark Boone Junior

  Stuart Beattie
  Brian Nelson

  Sam Raimi
  Robert G. Tapert

  David Slade